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Hangout Festival Social Media Release

Note: This is strictly a proof of concept release designed to exhibit my knowledge of a social media news release. In no way is this release recognized by The Hangout Music Fest or any other affliated companies or organizations.

Released April 15, 2015

“Hangout Music Fest gives attendees a unique music and beach experience

Hangout Music and Arts Festival differs from the normal music festival by giving attendees an incredible music experience, but while enjoying the white sandy shores of the beach. Hangout Fest is only music festival of its kind- a beach paradise and music destination rolled into one!

Key Points:
Hangout Music Festival is in its 6th year and has a lineup of more than 70 bands. Headliners include Paramore, Beck, Foo Fighters and Sam Smith and many more.

Hangout offers festival-goers a distinctive experience by pairing a beach vacation with a traditional music festival.

Set on the warm, white sand of Gulf Shores, AL., Hangout Fest’s main stages and attractions sits directly on the beach while other stages and venues sprawl across downtown Gulf Shores.

Attendees don’t camp on the music venue location, unlike other music festivals. Instead thousands of beach front and beach access condominiums and hotels are available to be rented so festival-goers can enjoy the festival in style and comfort.

Shuttles are available every day to take attendees to and from the venue.

With a large span of genres from rap to rock to reggae, Hangout Fest offers bands for every type of music fan.

Quick Facts:

• May 15, 16, 17; Gates open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. each day
• 6 Stages
• More than 70 bands
• 3 days of music
• Thursday night kickoff event begins at 4 p.m.; tickets sold separately for $40
• No camping on location
• All tickets have re-entry
• Access to the Gulf of Mexico and its beaches
• Tons of amenities, which include: phone charging stations, water stations, food and alcohol venues, ATMs, ADA access and parking, medic locations, restrooms and more
• VIP tickets available

“Hangout Fest is my favorite music festival to go to. Being on the beach gives it something that is completely unlike other music festivals. It’s awesome.” Bailey Mannett, festival-goer

Social Media:
Twitter: @Hangoutfest
Instagram: hangoutfest



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“Hangout Music Festival 2013 Highlights” video


About Hangout Music Festival:
Hangout Music Festival was created in 2009 by the proprietor of “The Hangout,” Shaul Zislin. The Hangout is a local restaurant situated in the heart of Gulf Shores directly on the beach. Zislin and A.J. Niland wanted to create a music festival to showcase artists and create a unique beach festival experience. Within just a couple years of its creation, Hangout Music Fest expanded its venue size, numbers of bands and amenities because of the dramatic increase in attendees. Now, Hangout Fest is produced by Goldenvoice, producer of Coachella Music Festival, and Viacom as a joint venture.
Hangout Music Festival has grown to be recognized nationally and more than 40,000 people flocked to the festival in 2014. The festival’s presence in Gulf Shores has spiked the surrounding areas economy by more than $30 million in 2011, a number that has grown larger after 2011.


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